My favourite cruelty free brands


Cruelty-free beauty products are the height of conversation in the blogging world at the moment, and as it should be! These poor animals shouldn't suffer from our consumption of makeup, especially when there are plenty of brands that don't harm any animals in the production of their products. Here is a list of my favourite cruelty-free cosmetic brands that I have tried myself. From high-end to drugstore brands, I've tested quite a few!

After trying Too Faced's Better than sex mascara a while back, I instantly fell in love with this brand. From their packaging design to the fact their scented eyeshadow, Too Faced pays attention to the details of their products. I'd say if you're looking for some perfect nude eye shadow palettes, give Too Faced a look!

As a teenager, I was obsessed with Kat Von D in LA Ink, and now in my twenties, I was thrilled to hear that she was releasing a completely cruelty-free make-up range. After waiting impatiently for the Europe release, I finally got my hands on the Lock-Its Foundation in the colour "44 LIGHT - COOL UNDERTONE" (for once I wasn't the palest colour of foundation!) I was hooked, This full coverage foundation is great for all day wear and will cover anything! I'm also a big fan of her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks which I own in the colour Bow n' Arrow, it lasts all day even after eating!

I've only recently started using NYX make up as they're now starting selling it in France! I was surprised at how affordable they make up is so I went on a bit of a spree and tried quite a few things already. I'm especially impressed with their liquid lipsticks, in particular the Lingerie colours. I had been searching for a cruelty-free nude lipstick for a while so when I came across this range I fell in love! NYX is a perfect brand for anyone on a budget but still looking for some amazing cruelty-free products.

Another brand I'm obsessed with for their eye shadow products is Urban Decay, Whether you're looking for bold and bright colours, or something more subtle, This brand has what you need. Their super pigmented eye shadows are my go to for the perfect smoky eye. I'm also a big fan of their foundation and concealer for when I feel like treating myself to some high-end makeup.

I hope these recommendations are helpful and let me know what cruelty free brands I should try next! For a complete list of all cruelty free make up brands click here.

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  1. Absolutely love Too Faced! I also had no idea that Urban Decay was cruelty free, so good to know~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. I haven't used Nyx yet, will definitely have to give it a go! I have two shades of Kat Von D liquid lipstick now and they really are soo good. Charlotte Tilbury foundation is really good too, a bit lighter than the lock-it foundation, combined with some skincare too :) Really hoping more people embrace buying from Cruelty-Free brands!
    Holly x